Wall of Thanks

Clara Barton PTSA volunteers are working parents, stay-at-home parents, students, and grandparents. They are role models for students, an extra pair of hands to help teachers, and liaisons between the school and community. 


The PTSA Volunteer Wall of Thanks celebrates honorees that have demonstrated GRRRRRRREAT service to the Clara Barton Community. Additionally, our PTSA honors one individual each year with the WSPTA Golden Acorn for exemplary and outstanding volunteerism and service.

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Honorees are nominated by PTSA Board Members, PTSA Members, and members of the Clara Barton Community.

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Wall of Thanks


Monthly Recipients




April 2024, PTSA Volunteer Spotlight 


Congratulations to our April PTSA Volunteer Spotlight, Page Eney (Nana P)


Page (or Nana P as she is affectionately called at CBE) is a dedicated volunteer who spends roughly 12 hours a week at Clara Barton helping in various capacities.  She manages the CBE Lost and Found, volunteers with Mrs. Requa's 1st grade 4 days a week, helps all 3 kinder classrooms with reading one day a week, and supports Mrs. Wetzel's Safety Net students twice a week.  In her spare time, Page enjoys puzzles, visiting with neighbors, playing the card game Five Crowns and spending time with her family. Her grandson, Rennick, is a Clara Barton 2nd grader. 


Thank you, Page, for your time and dedication to the Clara Barton Community!



March 2024, PTSA Volunteer Spotlight

Congratulations to our March PTSA Volunteer Spotlight, Melissa Hellstrom! 


Melissa was our lead volunteer for the book fair this year and she supported last year's event too as she loves helping the students discover new books.  She also volunteers as a Room Parent and Art Docent and helps out at other school activities like the Ice Cream Social and Fall Festival.  In her spare time, Melissa enjoys hiking, rock hounding and beach days.  She has a 4th grader and 1st grader at CBE. 


Thank you, Melissa, for your time and dedication to the Clara Barton Community.  



February 2024, PTSA Volunteer Spotlight


Congratulations to our February PTSA Volunteer Spotlight, Hasthi Annapurna Venkatakrishnan

Hasthi was our Missoula Theatre chair this year and was instrumental in ensuring the week went off without a hitch. Hasthi also volunteers as a Room Parent and has participated in chairing other activities in previous years including Star Gram Chair, STEAM night planning committee and Movie Night concessions. When not volunteering, Hasthi enjoys cooking, theatre productions, singing, dancing and spending time with family. Hasthi has a 2nd Grader at CBE. 


Thank you, Hasthi, for your time and dedication to the Clara Barton Community. We appreciate you! 



January 2024, PTSA Volunteer Spotlight


Congratulations to our January PTSA Volunteer Spotlight, Ruchi Gupta.  


Ruchi currently serves as the Co-VP of Extended Curriculum and also has chaired numerous other events including Spelling Bee, the Reflections program, Theater, Fall Festival and Steam Night in previous years. Ruchi is always willing to lend a hand when needed.  


Outside of school, Ruchi is actively involved in various social and cultural events including volunteering for the city of Redmond and several NGOs. Her favorite activities are cooking, walking and reading. Ruchi has a 2nd Grader at CBE.


Thank you, Ruchi, for your time and dedication to the Clara Barton Community.  We appreciate you! 



December 2023, PTSA Volunteer Spotlight


We would like to congratulate John and Ray Renard as our December Volunteer Spotlights.  These two outstanding gentlemen go out of their way on a daily basis to make the Clara Barton community a better place.  You can find them in the classroom reading, dressed up as dinosaurs or chickens at Fall Fest, bringing the bling of Hawaiian wear for the Fun Run, baking dozens of tasty treats any time it's requested, running the picture day event with military precision, volunteering for vision and hearing as well as for Watchdogs, announcing at the end of year awards, and the list goes on and on.   Any time there is a need these two can always be counted on 100%.


When not volunteering or staying busy with their day jobs, John enjoys Lego, video games and doing puns with Braiden while Ray likes cooking, baking, photography and time with family.  John and Ray have a second grader at CBE.  Thank you, John and Ray, for being such a tremendous asset to the Clara Barton community. 



November 2023, PTSA Volunteer Spotlight


Congratulations to the November PTSA Volunteer Spotlight, Lina Hsu


Lina was nominated for her many contributions to the Clara Barton Community.  She has continuously served on the Board, first as VP of Membership and currently as President. Lina also volunteers for pantry pack as well as in the classroom, both as a room parent and art docent. 


When she's not volunteering at Clara Barton she enjoys playing tennis, watching K-Dramas and listening to Taylor Swift!  Lina has a kindergarten student and a third grader at CBE.  Thank you, Lina for your time and dedication to the students at CBE!


June 2023, PTSA Volunteer Spotlight


Congratulations to Valarie Schenken, the June PTSA Volunteer Spotlight! Valarie was nominated for her dedication to, and enthusiasm for, all things Clara Barton. Valarie is the current co-VP of Volunteers and we are so excited and grateful that she will be the President of the Clara Barton PTSA for the 2023-2024 school year. Valarie has also served as the FACE Chair, Ice Cream Social and Book Fair Chair and Chair of Staff Appreciation Events. She has coordinated MOD Pizza fundraisers and has helped with the Fun Run and Welcome Coffee events. Valarie never hesitates to jump in wherever she might be needed, lending a hand along with a smile. When she's not volunteering at Clara Barton she can be found traveling, working in the garden or baking sweet treats. She has a first grader at CBE.




May 2023, PTSA Volunteer Spotlight 

Congratulations to the May PTSA Volunteer Spotlight, Leah Byskal! Leah was nominated for her dedication to Clara Barton's Art Docent Program. She always incorporates interesting art history knowledge and useful facts to each project and truly loves bringing the joy of art to the students. Recently, Leah became our school's lead Kiln Instructor and she has been focusing on introducing clay to the Art Docent program this Spring. In addition to being an Art Docent, Leah has been a Room Parent and Teacher Production Assistant. She consistently volunteers for school events such as the Fun Run, Fall Festival, Hearing & Vision Screening and more. Leah will be the Art Docent Chair for the 2023-24 school year. Outside of CBE, you'll find Leah crafting with her two CBE students (1st and 3rd graders!), hiking, or gardening. Thank you, Leah, for everything you are doing to grow our Art Docent Program! We appreciate you.


April 2023 PTSA Volunteer Spotlight


Three cheers for the 5th Grade Camp Chaperones!! You are all in the April PTSA Volunteer Spotlight! Thank you for being positive role models for our 5th Graders during their recent Camp Seymour experience. You made yourselves available and brought smiles and fun to the student's lives. They made amazing memories that will be with them forever. Thank you Jenn Nitta, Amber Dattoli, Heather Roney, Sumathi Soundararajan, Lakshmi Sankaramani, Srirekha Matety, Vidya Mavuri, Nancy King, Tony Edin, Raja Kedar Ganta, Haowei Qin, Walt Charles, Jagroop Sidhu, Li Li, Corby Hudnall, Juan Sepulveda, Todd Omotani, Vineet Kulkarni and Adam Lawless and David Spooner who were dubbed the Dynamic Duo! Thank you for supporting the CBE students and helping to provide them with a happy, safe and memorable time at Camp Seymour.




March 2023, PTSA Volunteer Spotlight


Congratulations to the March PTSA Volunteer Spotlight, Crystal Eney! Crystal was nominated for being an amazing volunteer, one who is always ready to lend a hand. She currently serves on the PTSA Board as the VP of Communications, which means website and Office 365 management, helping with the Bobcat Bulletin, and other technical needs of the Board. In addition, Crystal has helped out at Book Fairs, Fun Runs, Musicals and as an Art Docent Assistant. Outside of CBE, she is the Director of Student Services for the Allen School at the University of Washington and she enjoys bicycling, camping, hiking, kayaking, watching rugby and playing mini golf - pretty much anything that gets the family outside. She has a 1st grader at Clara Barton and two bonus kids in university up in Canada.


Thank you, Crystal, for your dedication to the CBE Community - we appreciate you!



 February 2023, PTSA Volunteer Spotlight


Congratulations to the February PTSA Volunteer Spotlight, Renu Bhandari! Since the opening of Clara Barton, Renu developed and grew our amazing Before and After School Enrichment Program. She is currently the VP of Enrichment and plans to continue helping with enrichment for as long as she can. Renu is also a Lunch Buddy and volunteers her time every Friday at Clara Barton. Apart from volunteering, Renu enjoys cooking for and with her family, walking on the Sammamish River Trail, reading about healthy lifestyles and traveling. Renu has a 3rd grader at CBE and a CBE alumni who is now an eighth grader.  Thank you, Renu, for your commitment to the CBE Community.



January 2023, PTSA Volunteer Spotlight


Congratulations to the January PTSA Volunteer Spotlight, Jerika Cummings! Jerika was nominated for her enthusiasm and dedication to coordinating fun family events at CBE, including Ice Cream Socials, Movie Night and the upcoming Family Bingo Night. She is also a Room Parent, Art Docent, Fun Run Volunteer and Chair of Coffee Welcomes. Jerika is enjoying a break from her career as a Pharmacist, and outside of her time at CBE she can be found crafting, flower gardening, entertaining friends and visiting Montana to see family and enjoy the country life she grew up in. She has 1st and 3rd graders at CBE. Thank you, Jerika, for everything you have done to bring fun and togetherness to the CBE Community!



 December 2022


Congratulations to China Helwig, our December PTSA Volunteer Spotlight. China was one of the founding members of the PTSA and has continuously served on the Board, first as co-VP of Events and currently as VP of Fundraising. She has coordinated or chaired many of our school's fun events including Ice Cream Socials, Movie Night, and the first Family Bingo Night. China worked hard on a project to stock the STEAM lab with hands-on projects and activities to supplement the core curriculum. As a room parent, she volunteers for as many classroom activities as she can.


When she's not volunteering, China can be found doing Jazzercise, taking K-pop and Jazz dance classes or learning a new language. She has a 1st and 4th grader at CBE, as well as a 6th grader at RMS. Thank you, China, for everything you have done to support and grow the CBE Community.



November 2022


Congratulations to the November PTSA Volunteer Spotlight, Su Huang! Su has been an integral part of CBE PTSA from the very beginning. He was an inaugural member of the Board serving as a Membership VP for two years. Afterwards, he's been the PTSA's Membership Database Chair and has participated in many other activities as a volunteer. This year, Su is chairing the Passport Club. He has two 5th graders at CBE and enjoys traveling to different states. Thank you, Su, for everything you have done to help the CBE Community!



October 2022


Congratulations to the October PTSA Volunteer Spotlight, Weidong Cui! Weidong is Clara Barton's "Math is Cool Competition" Coach. "Math is Cool" is a math contest for 4th and 5th graders in Washington State. Earlier this year, CBE's 4th and 5th grade teams each won 2nd place in their divisions! Weidong has a 4th grade student at CBE and we are so appreciative of him supporting our students in this exciting math competition. Thank you, Weidong, you are awesome!!



September 2022


Annie has served on the PTSA Board as Secretary and she is a dedicated classroom and event volunteer. She has been the CBE Theatre Production Co-chair and has also completed grant research on behalf of CBE PTSA. Annie always steps up to help wherever needed. In her spare time, Annie loves traveling, playing with family, arts and crafts, and yoga. She enjoys working with the Assistance League of the Eastside’s Operation School Bell Program. Annie has grandchildren in the 2nd and 5th grades at CBE.


Thank you, Annie, for everything you have done to support the CBE community - you are amazing!



June 2022


Myla Rugge was nominated for her amazing contributions to the Clara Barton Community including her role as the Pantry Packs Coordinator and Driver and for organizing the Holiday Toy Drives with her son Fletcher (a 4th grader at CBE) and the Snack Drawer GoFundMe with her son Barrett. We appreciate the positive impact these efforts have had on our community.


In her spare time, Myla enjoys long walks around Redmond, random acts of kindness, reading, watching movies and traveling.


Thank you, Myla, for your hard work and dedication to the CBE Community - we appreciate you and your family!




May 2022


Amber Sky Dattoli was a founding member of the CBE PTSA and is a consistent volunteer who has always shown up to help whenever and wherever needed, most recently in planning and running the CBE Family Events and school parties. In the past, Amber’s roles have included a VP of Volunteers position on the PTSA Board, Egg Drop Chair, Special Needs Co-Chair, Awards Committee Member, Art Docent, Room Parent and Lunch Buddy.


When she is not volunteering Amber enjoys learning new skills including balloon modeling (making balloon animals). She has also engineered a 20 foot candy slide from the second story window of her house and she has fun creating realistic zombie makeup and teaching her dogs new tricks. Her most favorite thing to do is laugh. Amber, thank you for all you do for the CBE community!





April 2022


Naga Lavanya R was nominated for her role as the Math Challenge Co-Chair. Approximately 65 Clara Barton students participate in the Math Challenge each month. Naga's love for math brought her to the role of co-chair for this important program and she enjoys solving the problems herself!

Naga has volunteered as a Classroom Helper and in her spare time she loves to solve puzzles, play board games, create LEGO Robotics and walk on trails with her 4th grader. Thank you, Naga, for your dedication to the students at CBE and for helping to make math fun! We appreciate you.





March 2022


Romina Coronel was nominated for her dedication to Safety Patrol during morning drop off. During the first week of school, when Student Safety Patrol was not yet implemented and staff shortages were present, Romina noticed the need for additional help and has been volunteering daily to ensure student safety. We applaud you, Romina, for creating this role for yourself and appreciate your care for the students and their families. In addition, Romina has volunteered as a Room Parent, Classroom Helper for Reading, Math Club, and Yearbook Co-Chair, working hard to deliver outstanding yearbooks to our students.

Outside of CBE, Romina enjoys yoga, kayaking, and walking on the beach. She loves to be with her family and Bernedoodle puppy, Jawa. Romina has a 5th grade student at CBE. Thank you, Romina, for your hard work and dedication to the CBE community! We appreciate you!





February 2022


Iris Wang has been a member of the CBE PTSA since the very beginning; first, as our webmaster helping to set up our website and other PTSA systems and then serving as VP of Membership for two years and, this year, as CO-VP of Extended Curriculum. Iris is an active participant in the business of the PTSA Board, always asking questions and making suggestions, as well as a faithful volunteer at the PTSA events.

In her spare time, Iris enjoys travelling, arts & crafts, and yoga. Iris has 4th and 5th grade students at CBE. Thank you, Iris, for everything you have done to support and grow the CBE PTSA, you are amazing!





January 2022


Amanda Papaefstathiou was nominated for her faithful support of Clara Barton students and volunteers. For years she has served as Volunteer Support Chair, making sure all Clara Barton volunteers are district (and now vaccine) approved, as well as providing snacks for volunteers and running this 'volunteer of the month' spotlight!


She has helped as a room parent, weekly classroom volunteer, Fun Run Co-Chair, Picture Day Chair, and a volunteer at the vision & hearing screening and book fair. When she’s not volunteering, Amanda enjoys traveling, hiking, and gardening. She is the mom of a 4th grader at CBE. Thank you, Amanda, for your stellar support of all CBE students and volunteers!





December 2021


Velyn and Juan Sepulveda together organized an amazing Fall Festival for the students and staff at CBE. The event was CBE's first Fall Festival and it was fun to see the excitement from students as they walked through Spooky Alley and paraded around the playground. The Sepulvedas have also volunteered as art docents, room parents and math & reading assistants. In their spare time, they enjoy LEGO building, hiking, hosting parties and travelling. They have two 4th graders at CBE. Velyn and Juan, the CBE community thanks you for your support and dedication!





November 2021


Irina C. was nominated for her many contributions to the Clara Barton Community. Irina is an Inaugural PTSA Board Member who was part of the team that planned and organized the PTSA while the school was still being built. She served two years as Treasurer, as President last year, and currently serves as Executive VP. Irina also served on the Fun Run Committee and was part of last year's Yearbook Team. In addition, she has volunteered in the classrooms, helped with Math and Reading Groups, and has volunteered as a Room Parent and Art Docent. Occasionally Irina assists organizations within LWSD with Russian language translation services.


Irina has a 4th and 7th grader in LWSD and in her spare time she enjoys exploring the beauty of the PNW through hikes with her family, playing board games, and cheering on her kids and their teammates at athletic events. Thank you, Irina, for your unwavering dedication and commitment to Clara Barton students and families!





October 2021


Cami Miller was nominated for her many contributions to the Clara Barton Community and her willingness to always lend a helping hand. She has served as a PTSA Board Member since CBE first opened its doors - three years as Volunteers VP and one as Family Events VP. Cami also volunteers as a Room Parent and Art Docent. Many families enjoyed the Smith Woods StoryWalk that she helped to organize. Cami enjoys camping, reading, and playing board games with family. She has students in kindergarten, 2nd and 5th grade at Clara Barton. Thank you, Cami, for your hard work and dedication to the CBE community!




June 2021


Jenn Nitta updates the readerboard and keeps the community up to date on news and often includes positive messages. Jenn loves to volunteer in the classrooms and has lead small groups in math and reading and she is known to happily lend a hand during Picture Day, Hearing & Vision Screening, Egg Drop Day, and the Fun Run. She recently volunteered as Nature Vision Chair. Outside CBE, Jenn loves to stay active. Some of her favorite activities include coaching soccer, paddle boarding, walking her puppy, and experimenting with new fitness classes. Jenn has two boys in the first and third grades at CBE. Thank you, Jenn!


May 2021


Ashwini Suresh was nominated for her contribution as Spelling Bee Co-Chair. She has also volunteered as a Parent Helper and a Hearing & Vision Screening volunteer. Outside of CBE, Ashwini enjoys cooking, reading, and teaching. She has a 1st-grade student at CBE. CBE PTSA is grateful to have dedicated volunteers like Ashwini. Thank you, Ashwini, for making this year's Spelling Bee A-W-E-S-O-M-E for students!



April 2021


Jaya Nigam was nominated for her contribution as Spelling Bee Co-Chair. This is Jaya's second school year working to make Spelling Bee an important and awesome program a S-U-C-C-E-S-S. Jaya has also volunteered her time to chair Kindergarten Tears & Cheers Coffee and assisted with Hearing & Vision Screening. She also takes on other opportunities like preparing the First Day of School materials. Outside of CBE, she enjoys outdoor activities with family, playing with her dogs, and gardening. She has a 2nd-grade student at CBE. The CBE PTSA is grateful to have dedicated volunteers like Jaya. Thank you, Jaya!





March 2021


Natalie Chavez was nominated for her contributions to the Clara Barton Community. She is the PTSA VP of Advocacy and Art Docent Chair. Previously, Natalie has volunteered as a Room Parent and Learning Center Helper, and has assisted with Pantry Pack distribution. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys crafting, hiking, and taking pictures with her family. Her CBE students are in 1st grade at The Learning Center and in 2nd grade. Thank you, Natalie, for your time and dedication. We are grateful to have you as a volunteer!





February 2021


Nomita was nominated for her contributions to the Clara Barton Community. She is currently the PTSA Extended Curriculum VP (this is her third year serving on the Board). She has also volunteered as Hearing & Vision Screening Chair, Room Parent, and Art Docent. She helped organize and facilitate the Theater Program, Pacific Science Center Van, Nature Vision, Spelling BeeMath Challenge, Math Competition, Passport Club, and Reflections. Wow! Nomita is a Sociologist and teaches in higher education. She enjoys swimming, working out, reading, and hanging out with friends. Nomita has a 5th grader at CBE.



January 2021


Poornima was nominated for her contribution as a Math Challenge Program Co-Chair. Previously, she volunteered as an Art Docent, a position she loved because she enjoyed teaching and learning from students. When the program was suspended due to COVID-19, Poornima switched to help lead Math Challenge. Outside of CBE, she works as a contract firmware engineer at Facebook. She enjoys knitting, crocheting, biking with her kids, running, and walking her new Labrador puppy, Juneau. Poornima has two students at CBE, a daughter in grade 5 and a son in grade 1. 





December 2020


Neelam was nominated for her role as Math Challenge co-chair where she has been innovative to provide students the opportunity to sharpen their math problem-solving skills. She has been co-chair for International Night, where she choreographed an Indo-American dance. Neelam has volunteered for the Art Docent Program, has been a Room Parent, and has always been available to help wherever she can at school events. Neelam is a board member of the LWSD Gifted Education Advisory Council. Outside of CBE, her favorite activities include listening to music, long walks, hiking, cooking, making new friends, and playing board games. Neelam has a student in grade 5.





November 2020


Taunya Covington has been involved with PTSA for more than a decade, but this is her first year at CBE. She was nominated for her stellar contributions to the design and production of The Bobcat Bulletin. She currently serves as VP of Communications where she helps our leadership keep families informed of news, resources, programs, and events that are being delivered in new ways this school year. In her spare time, she is a dance mom, news junkie, indoor cyclist, and media relations volunteer for her church. She has a kindergartener.



October 2020


Ana Feito was nominated for her dedication to creating an amazing 2019-2020 yearbook. She persevered through production challenges brought on by COVID-19 to deliver an awesome way for Bobcats to remember their extraordinary school year. Previously, Ana served on the PTSA Board as Communications VP and as a Room Parent. This year she is hard at work on the Board as Enrichment VP, bringing great choices for virtual after-school enrichment classes and organizing a virtual cooking event for adults. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, traveling with her family, enjoying good food with friends and family, and going on long walks with Patxi, her Australian shepherd dog. She has students in grades 4 and 5.





September 2020


Sangeetha was selected for her time and effort in chairing CBE’s Spelling Bee, along with being a Room Parent and Art Docent. This fall she launched the Passport Club. In addition, she is a LWSD Gifted Education Advisory Council (GEAC) Board Member. She has a student in grade 2 and in her spare time she enjoys playing tennis.



June 2020


Shilpa Asrani was nominated for her support at CBE including co-chairing the Spelling Bee and STEAM Night for two years. She is also a Room Parent, Picture Day Chair, and she initiated the school's first Food Drive. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and playing board games with family, painting, and taking her puppy for walks. She has a 5th grader at CBE. 


May 2020


Emily Lawless was nominated for her time and effort in chairing Staff Appreciation Events at CBE. In addition, she is a Room Parent, Art Docent and helps in the classroom. In her spare time, Emily enjoys baking cookies, reading a good book, spending time with family and friends, and doing crafts with her three kids -- a preschooler,  kindergartner, and 2nd grader.


March 2020


Sujeet Kharkar was nominated for his time and effort in chairing the National PTA Reflections contest. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing and biking with his kids. Last Summer he and his 4th grader completed the Kitsap Color Classic, a 25-mile ride around Bainbridge Island.


February 2020


Jenny C. was nominated for being a dependable and skilled Classroom Helper. She has also been a Room Parent and is known to add special touches to class events.


January 2020


Susan Villecroze was nominated for being an outstanding Room Parent. She also volunteers as an Art DocentFun Run Chair, and Digital Media Chair. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, running, and spending time with her family. She has a 5th grader and a pre-schooler.