Enrichment Program - Before and after school classes


  • You will need to have an active account set up on our platform on this site in order to register
  • Make sure you have gone to your My Account in the red bar under the bobcat and create a login profile with your children's grades listed
  • If you need financial assistance, please reach out to Madison Lecompte the CBE school counselor with information on potential scholarships.


Bobcat with violin, paintbrushes and books


What it is:


Clara Barton PTSA partners with and supports local and industry-leading partners to offer students before and after-school learning opportunities. Classes are designed to be F-U-N and promote interaction with other students. Clara Barton PTSA welcomes all LWSD Elementary students to register for classes.  The typical cost per class is generally around $200-300


In the past couple of years we've offered: Karate, Spanish, Basketball, Engineering, Lego Robotics, Chess, Dance, Music, Coding, Debate, Art and more!


What parents say...

"We eat the food she prepares in class for that day's dinner. It gives her so much pleasure and pride to prepare dinner for the family" 

~Culinary World Tour Class, Fall 2020 Session


"The karate course was fantastic! They learn discipline, respect and get their bodies moving to start the day. The teacher was knowledgable and works great with kids. The best part about enrichment programs at the school is that you don't have to worry about transportation. You just bring them early or pick them up late."

~Karate Parent, 22-23

Important things to note before registering

  • All classes are hosted at Clara Barton Elementary
  • A parent chaperone is required for each class. Some classes offer a discount if a parent offers to chaperone the entire session.
  • The Clara Barton PTSA would love to support ALL its students and offers scholarships. To learn more if you qualify, please reach out to our wonderful school counselor, Madison LeCompte.
  • Please, read the Enrichment Program Class Policies and Procedures (provided later) for details on refund and cancelation policies, chaperoning, and additional terms and conditions. By enrolling in an after-school class, you agree to the Policies and Procedures. 


All Enrichment classes are required for insurance to have a chaperone that is a Clara Barton PTSA Member and a LWSD-approved volunteer. The chaperone does not need to be the parent of a participating student but must be over the age of 18. If a chaperone is unavailable for a class, the class may be canceled. Parents interested in chaperoning one full session might be reimbursed the tuition fee upon class completion if applicable for that particular class. Please talk with the Enrichment VP for details.


Chaperone responsibilities include:

  • Showing up 5 minutes early to get the attendance sheet
  • Record attendance for all students
  • Call parents of students who do not show up by 15 minutes after class starts
  • Return the attendance sheet to Jamie at the front desk of the School
  • Provide constructive feedback to the PTSA Enrichment VP

The PTSA welcomes suggestions on new class offerings. Contact the PTSA Enrichment VP at enrichment@clarabartonptsa.org.