Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond to help the community at Clara Barton Elementary? Share your thoughts today for our 2024 nomination process!  Thank you for your nominations!






The Golden Acorn Award is a prestigious Washington State PTA award given out by local PTAs/PTSAs for exemplary and outstanding volunteerism and service to PTA. Clara Barton Elementary PTSA recipients include: 



2023 Velyn Sepulveda and Irina Czyzewski

2022 Cami Miller

2021 Nomita Yadav

2020 Jay Lippe

2019 Melissa Sutton

The Outstanding Educator Award is Washington State PTA recognition presented to an individual who has exhibited continued and dedicated statewide contributions and efforts to enhance the educational outcomes of all children. Clara Barton Elementary recipients include:


2023 LT Turner

2022 Claire Garrels

2021 Marianne Williams

2020 Carly Wilson

2019 Blair Lovatt



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