Has your Clara Barton Bobcat lost an item?   The Lost and Found is run by the school, but we have a PTSA volunteer, Page, who helps to organize the Lost and Found and you can now email her directly if you want her to search for an item. Please be as specific as you can with details about the item. Here is a suggested format:

 May Items 2024




Missing Item:  describe the item (i.e. blue jacket, size small, puffy, winter coat)

Item owner name: (your child's name)

Grade of child: 1st grade

Teacher of child: (your child's teacher's name)


We'll try to get everyone re-united. 


Several times a year all items from the Clara Barton Lost and Found are donate to make room for more options. There are hundreds of items every year.  Please try to label all items you send to school with your child.


Email the Lost and Found:lostandfound@clarabartonptsa.org






The Sad Lost Jacket 

Once upon a time there was a happy coat or jacket.

They went to school every day keeping their friend warm and dry.

One day the sad jacket was left on the playground or in the lunchroom and no one came for them. 

 Sad Jacket was left with all the other hats, gloves, and other things.

that had been lost at school.  They were incredibly sad but hopeful that their friend would take them home. Day after day they kept watching. 

People walked by but no one came for them.

 Didn’t anyone love them anymore or miss them?

Didn’t anyone at home notice that they did not come home?

They had many lonely, sad days wishing someone would miss them. 

Could this be your lost jacket? There are about one hundred coats or jackets lost and found just since school began.  

Please take time to look for me and ask your parents.

It would make me so incredibly happy if I could go home again.

Then I would not be a sad jacket anymore. Please help me!

Thank you. 

Sad Jacket