Bobcat Grants

The best Bobcat Grant ideas have a school-wide impact that may be realized over time, such as grade-level equipment to be used for multiple years. Clara Barton PTSA Members, including individual teachers, groups of teachers/staff, and members of the Clara Barton Community may apply.


A Grant is initiated by completing the online grant form below for a project, program, or items to be paid from PTSA funds. If a Bobcat Grant proposal exceeds the approved budget, please still apply.


Fall grant applications are due the 2nd Friday in October and Spring grant applications are due the 2nd Friday in February.



Grants have purchased ukuleles, library e-books, safety patrol walkie talkies, and sports equipment.


Questions? Contact the PTSA Executive Vice President.

Criteria & Principles

Grants are reviewed by the PTSA Grant Committee and approved by the Board of Directors with the following funding criteria and principles:

A Bobcat Grant...

  • Benefits the largest possible number of students.
  • Funds projects, equipment, or supplies not traditionally funded or no longer funded by LWSD.
  • Is neither a promise nor a guarantee of future funding for any program. If a Bobcat Grant is approved and extends beyond the current school year, a request for the future year's funds will need to be made.
  • Applicant has explored other sources of funding, including councils, departments, LWSD, other associations, fundraiser donations, etc.
  • Includes a project plan for proper adult supervision, if applicable.
  • Purchases are property of Clara Barton Elementary and should remain with the school/classroom.
  • Will not serve to reimburse anyone for a purchase that is already made and cannot fund salaries.
  • Application includes at least 1 bid/cost estimate, when applicable. If awarded, additional bids may be requested.