Clara Barton Elementary PTSA  

Standing Rules  


1. Name and definition of the PTSA 

  • 1.1 PTSA Name 
    • The name of this local PTSA is Clara Barton Elementary PTSA PTA 2.8.27. It was chartered on May 1, 2018. Its National PTA number is 11252364.  
  • 1.2 Community served by the PTSA
    •  This PTSA serves the Clara Barton Elementary community. 
  • 1.3 PTSA’s corporate status 
    • This PTSA was incorporated on 06/28/2018 and assigned UBI number 604304934. The treasurer is responsible for filing the annual report. The registered agent for this corporation is the Washington State PTA. The Employer Identification Number is in the legal documents notebooks.  

2. Legal compliance 

  • 2.1 Charitable Solicitations Act 
    • Clara Barton Elementary PTSA will comply with the Washington Charitable Solicitations Act by registering, if required, or by using the optional registration process if registration is not required. The treasurer is responsible for determining if registration is required and for filing the annual renewal by May 31 to avoid penalties.  
  • 2.2 Tax-exempt status 
    • This PTSA has tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code. A copy of the letter of determination shall be filed in the legal documents notebooks.  
  • 2.3 IRS tax returns 
    • The treasurer, with assistance from the immediate past treasurer, is responsible for filing IRS Form 990, Form 990-EZ, or Form 990-N prior to November 15. Copies of the current and past years’ returns are in the legal documents notebooks.  
  • 2.4 Registered agent 
    • The Clara Barton Elementary PTSA will designate Washington State PTA as its registered agent with the Washington Secretary of State’s office, the Washington Department of Revenue, and the Internal Revenue Service. Copies of the signed documents making such designation will be available in the legal documents notebooks.   
  • 2.5 WSPTA standards of affiliation agreement 
    • Per the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws, we will annually review the Washington State PTA Standards of Affiliation agreement in its entirety, and we agree to abide by all requirements and to uphold the ethics, policies, and principles of PTA.  

3. Membership 

  • 3.1 Eligible members of the PTSA 
    • Membership in Clara Barton Elementary PTSA shall be open to all people without discrimination. Membership is open to all parents, teachers, staff, grandparents, guardians, students, community members, and any other persons that support and encourage the purposes of PTSA.   
  • 3.2 Membership dues 
    • The membership dues for this PTSA shall be $18 per individual, $28 for dual membership (purchased at same time) or $12 per staff.   
  • 3.3 Membership meetings  
    • This PTSA’s membership will meet at least four times a year. At least 10 members must be present to conduct business. Special meetings may be called as provided in the Washington State Uniform Bylaws. Notice of the place, date, and time of the meetings will be given not less than ten nor more than fifty days prior to the date of the meeting.   

4. Elected Officials


  • 4.1 Executive Committee 
    • The elected officers of this PTSA shall be President, Executive VP, VP of Communications, VP of Membership, VP of Enrichment Classes, VP of Extended Curriculum, VP of Fundraising, VP of Events, VP of Volunteers, VP of Advocacy, Secretary, and Treasurer.  
    • In the event of the president’s absence or inability to serve, officers will serve as president in the order listed above.  
  • 4.2 Co-presidents and co-positions 
    • Any elected position may be held jointly by two people. Each co-position holder shall be entitled to voice and vote at the board of directors meeting. In the event of co-treasurers, one of the treasurers may not be a signer on the bank account.  
  • 4.3 WSPTA Training Compliance 
    • Our PTSA will make sure that each Board of Directors member attends a minimum of one WSPTA-approved training during the PTSA year. Further, at least one member of the executive committee will attend PTA and the Law during the PTSA year.  
  • 4.4 Election process 
    • Voting for officers or nominating committee positions may take place at a meeting, by mail, or by electronic transmission. If voting takes place by mail or electronic transmission, the name of each candidate is to be contained in the notice of the meeting and any vote cast must be received within the timeframe identified in the notice of the meeting.  
  • 4.5 Board of directors 
    • The board of directors of Clara Barton Elementary PTSA shall consist of the elected officers.  
  • 4.6 Board of directors meetings  
    • The board of directors shall meet regularly during the school year. Meeting dates and times shall be set by the board of directors. Each board member shall receive written notice of the place, date, and time of the meetings not less than ten nor more than fifty days prior to the date of the meeting. Quorum for meetings is a majority of the sitting board.  

5. Finance 

  • 5.1 Budget approval 
    • This PTSA shall approve its annual operating budget prior to July 1 of each year. The board of directors has authority to reallocate any funds budgeted for one purpose for another purpose by a two-thirds vote.  
  • 5.2 Legal documents 
    • The PTSA shall maintain two separate copies of its legal documents.  One physical copy will be kept by the secretary in a legal documents notebook.  One copy will be kept electronically and all elected officers shall have access to the electronic copy.  
  • 5.3 Financial reviews 
    • A financial review committee with a minimum of three members appointed by the president will review the financial books twice a year, midyear and end of fiscal year. Members of this committee shall not include the treasurer or any person authorized to sign on the PTSA bank accounts for the period that is being reviewed, or any individuals living in their households.  
  • 5.4 Bank accounts 
    • Clara Barton Elementary PTSA shall establish one or more accounts in financial institutions as determined by the board of directors. Any such account shall require the signatures of at least two elected officers to make a withdrawal.  
  • 5.5 Signing Authority 
    • Both the president and treasurer shall have signing authority. The board of directors shall determine another 1 or 2 additional officers who shall have signing authority on the PTSA bank account.  
  • 5.6 Independent review of bank statements 
    • The PTSA’s monthly bank account statements shall be provided unopened to a board member appointed by the board of directors for review. This person will be appointed by the board at the beginning of the fiscal year, and shall not be a signer on the account. The reviewer shall promptly report to the executive committee any concerns or discrepancies identified in the review. If no concerns or discrepancies are seen, the reviewer shall sign and date the account statements and provide them to the secretary for the legal documents notebook.  
  • 5.7 Reimbursement and non-sufficient checks 
    • All reimbursement requests for authorized expenses must include a receipt and be submitted to the treasurer within 60 days of purchase. All requests for reimbursement must be received by the last day of school or they will be considered a donation to the PTSA.   
    • Should the PTSA receive an NSF check, a service fee may be charged, in addition to any fees imposed by the PTSA’s bank.  If more than 2 NSF checks are received from the same individual during the fiscal year, the PTSA will not accept further checks from the individual responsible.  
  • 5.8 Gambling activities 
    • Students of Clara Barton Elementary School shall be considered honorary members of Clara Barton Elementary PTSA without voice, vote, or the privilege of holding office, to participate in gambling activities.  

6. Voting 

  • 6.1 Voting delegates to council  
    • Clara Barton Elementary PTSA may send up to four voting delegates to the council selected from their elected officers.  
  • 6.2 Voting delegates to the WSPTA Convention 
    • Voting delegates to WPTSA convention shall be the president and or elected delegates.  
  • 6.3 Voting delegates to the WSPTA Legislative Assembly 
    • The voting delegate(s) to the WSPTA Legislative Assembly shall be the director of advocacy or delegate(s) appointed by the board of directors.  

7. Additional standing rules 

  • 7.1 Voice and vote 
    • Voice at Clara Barton Elementary PTSA Board of Directors’ meetings shall be limited to elected board members, standing chairs, elected teacher representatives, and the principal of Clara Barton Elementary School, unless that individual is recognized and granted voice by the meeting chair.  
    • Voice at Clara Barton Elementary PTSA Membership Meetings shall be limited to members-only unless that individual is recognized and granted voice by the meeting chair.  
  • 7.2 Term limits 
    • No elected officers shall serve more than two consecutive years in the same position. The president, with the approval of the board of directors, will annually appoint each chairperson .   
  • 7.3 Policy review 
    • Clara Barton Elementary PTSA shall maintain a code of conduct. This policy shall be reviewed and signed yearly by members of the board of directors. Signed copies of this policy shall reside with the secretary. Board members in violation of this policy may be subject to board action, up to and including removal from office with a three-quarters vote of the executive committee.   
    • Clara Barton Elementary PTSA shall maintain a list of policies that shall be reviewed and approved yearly by the board of directors. These shall include, but are not limited to, policies for online logins and passwords, money handling, and student extracurricular activities. These policies shall reside with the president.   
  • 7.4 Working with ASB and booster clubs 
    • Clara Barton Elementary PTSA may collaborate with other non-PTSA organizations (including but not limited to ASB and booster clubs). The PTSA will only handle PTSA funds and will sign a contract with the other organization to clearly establish whether it is a PTSA activity or the other organization’s activity.  
    • Clara Barton Elementary PTSA shall not volunteer, nor solicit for volunteers, for a non-PTSA event/program which solely involves money handling (such as counting funds for a school ASB fundraiser or ticket sales). A PTSA member may volunteer with other non-PTSA organizations under her or his own authority and not as a representative for the PTSA.  

8. Standing Rules

  • 8.1 Annual approval of standing rules 
    • The standing rules shall be reviewed and approved annually at the first membership meeting.   
  • 8.2 Amendment to standing rules 
    • The standing rules may be amended at any PTSA membership meeting by a 2/3 vote, or if previous notice is given, by a majority vote.