Fall 2023 Before and After School Classes



Registration is now closed except for the new Wed morning chess class that was added and Choir registration will stay open through December.



  1. You must have an PTSA login (available for free) on our website in order to access the registration materials
  2. Registration in before and after school classes GOES FAST, be prepared to commit and sign up as soon as possible for the greatest access to courses.
  3. We strongly recommend you consider testing out the system and becoming familiar with it before registration opens
  4. You'll find the registration link, when it opens under the "My Account" section of our website, but you will need to complete all the directory information first.
  5. Registration will open on Tuesday, Sept. 12th at 7pm
  6. All parents/guardians are required to read and abide by the Policies and Procedures.
  7. This is where you fill find the information, AFTER you have completed the initial site registration, which you should do before the 12th.
  8. All parents/guardians must sign and complete the Student Release and Liability Wavier Form and have their child bring this to their first class. If they are in multiple classes we need one for each.


To register for classes (after creating your login) click: My Account in the top red bar as shown below and then go to "My Forms".


If this is your first time creating an login, you will need to set up your account and confirm your email address to complete set up before you will see the registration forms.


The form will only show up starting at 7pm on Sept. 12, 2023


Check out our 'sneak peak' at the registration form.





Registration Tip - How to Save Money:  The processing fees are not included in the prices in the flyer.  If you have the ability to pay with an E-Check (electronic check) that will save you money.  The fees on an electronic check are a 1.5% or .50 cents (whichever is greater) whereas payment by credit card, like with most companies, will cost 2.79% + .30 cents on your total purchase. All you need to pay with an E-check is your bank routing number and bank account number. We strongly suggest you consider setting this up ahead of time with a small donation to the PTSA or something else on our site so it's ready to go when registration opens.


You can also save by volunteering as a chaperone for all 10 sessions. This is first come first serve. For details reach out to enrichment@clarabartonptsa.org


The Clara Barton PTSA offers an Enrichment Program with classes that will help students to:

  • Grow in new areas and learn new skills
  • Connect with kids from other grades and classes
  • Build community with local and national education providers

Whether learning to play chess, building confidence singing, learning new languages, art, karate, robotics, math or modern dance. We have a comprehensive before and after-school program to keep students positively engaged. We hope you find exciting, fun opportunities from PTSA for your student. Please read policies and procedures before registering.


Free need based scholarships are available by contacting school counselor Madison Lecompte at mlecompte@lwsd.org


Before registering, please note:

  • All classes are in person.
  • Morning classes are from 8:10-9:10. Afternoon classes are from 3:55-4:55. Wednesday afternoon classes are from 2:25-3:25.
  • Most classes run 10 weeks.
  • In case a class does not have a chaperone for all sessions, we request every participating family to sign up to chaperone for at least one class.

Ideas and help are always welcome!

Questions or feedback? Email enrichment@clarabartonptsa.org




Fall 2023 Calendar 



AM or PM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Digital Art

Grades 3-5


Grades K-5



Grades K-5

Responsive Robotics with Legos

Grades 3-5

Responsive Robotics with Legos

Grades K-2



Grades 3-5


Modern Dance

Grades K-2

Minecraft Coding

Grades 2-5


Grades K-5*



Grades K-5


Grades K-5




Please read the Enrichment Program Class Policies and Procedures for details on refund and cancelation policies, chaperoning, and additional terms and conditionsBy enrolling in before and after-school activity, you agree to the class policies and procedures.


Financial Assistance


  • Financial need-based scholarships may be available upon request. Please email school counselor, Madison Lecompte at mlecompte@lwsd.org
  • All student scholarship requests will be made directly to the school counselor, who will determine which students qualify.
  • By request, one Before or After School Enrichment Class per scholarship eligible student per enrichment semester may be sponsored as the Before/After School Classes budget allows.
  • A maximum of 1 spot per 10 registration spots available for enrichment classes may be held back for scholarship students.


Details for the Fall 2023 Class Lineup


Digital Art 



Grades 3-5;
Fees $410 for 10 classes;
Day and dates Mon 8:10-9:10 AM, starts 9/25- ends 11/29


Digital Art class from Leap4Kidz offers instruction in creative software platforms to combine graphic design, fundamentals of art, and computer programming.  Students will explore color, drawing, illustration, layers, and animation in a professional draw program.  Create self-portrait, learn to blend colors, create a Meme, and manipulate photos into new creations.


Prerequisite:  Students must know how to turn on/off computer, use a mouse, and save a file.






Grades K-2;
Fees $195 for 10 classes;
Day and dates Mon 3:55-4:55 PM, starts 9/25- ends 12/11
(No class Oct 30th, Nov 6th due to teacher's unavailability)


Children will be actively exposed to movements, balance, coordination and fun. Each class will be a combination of dance styles like Modern dance-Hip-Hop and Jazz. Students develop confidence and creativity while learning new choreography. Children will be learning how to do splits, backbend bridge and pirouettes.






Grades K-5;

Fees $265  for 10 classes (Material Included);

Day and dates Tuesday 8:10 – 9:10 AM Starts 9/26 - 11/28



Karate Students will learn and practice Karate skills with punching bags, breaking boards, blocking drills, kicking targets and more!  Karate-X has been teaching in the Puget Sound for 20 years, with a Martial Arts program specifically designed for preschool and elementary students.  Our professional instructors know how to motivate kids while building self-confidence and discipline. Belt rank testing is held at the end of each session, giving students goals to aim for and recognition of their accomplishments. Thousands of kids have enjoyed Karate-X classes, and yours will love it too!


Teacher Information:


Sensei Brendan Requa has been a top instructor with Karate-X for 8 years.  He is a natural at working with kids, and in the past 20 years has been a preschool teacher, sports coach, and para-educator.  He has a passion for seeing kids work through challenges to be the best they can be! Most importantly, he enjoys seeing kids have fun while learning Karate!


Institute Information:


Karate-X has been teaching extracurricular Martial Arts classes exclusively in private and public schools for over 20 years.  From the start our focus has been bringing quality Martial Arts instruction into schools, specializing in teaching students from 4 years old through 6th grade. Karate-X classes focus on all the traditional Martial Arts benefits parents care about – focus, discipline, challenge, and fun.






Grades 2-5;

Fees $265 for 10 classes

Day and dates Tue 3:55 – 4:55 PM, Starts 10/3 - 12/5 (new date, was starting 9/26 but moved to 10/3)



Calling all Minecrafters! Building Minecraft mods is a great way to learn programming, harness creativity, and enhance problem-solving skills while making your favorite game even better. Each student will have their own Minecraft server where they can customize the game with their own world maps and features. Students will be coding mods to create new items, environments, non-playable characters, game modes, and more! Using a simple drag-and-drop coding environment, campers will accomplish exciting results with their one-of-a-kind Minecraft features! 






Grades K-5 (K level students upon space availability);
Fees  $440 for 15 classes (Material Included);
Day and dates Wed 2:25 – 3:25 PM Starts 10/11- ends 2/7


Come and join us in a bilingual, multicultural education which opens doors and minds to the world. Lessons are constructed around five elements for elementary: Total Physical Response activities, songs, games, crafts and culture. Groups are organized by language level and age for better interaction. Beginners/Intermediate welcome! We will have two sessions of 15 classes each, one from Oct- Feb and the second from Feb-Jun.





Grades K-2;

Fees $245 for 10 classes; 

Day and dates Fri 8:10-9:10 AM, Starts on 09/22- ends 12/15


Grades 3-5;

Fees $245 for 10 classes; 

Day and dates Thurs 8:10-9:10 AM, Starts on 09/28- ends 12/07



In this Snapalogy's challenge-focused program, your students will begin to develop their computational thinking skills by playing with modular, robotic cubes known as Cubelets®! Every way your student snaps the magnetic cubes together creates a unique robot, but what really matters is how they figure out the perfect robot recipe to solve a challenge. Students work in small teams to figure out how to create energy-efficient lighthouses, racer bots, maze-solvers, goofy animals, and so much more!



Grades K-5;

Fees $170 for 10 classes;

Day and dates Thurs 3:55-4:55 PM, Starts 9/28– ends 12/7


Grades K-5;

Fees $170 for 10 classes;

Day and dates Wed 8:10-9:10 AM, Starts 10/4/23 – ends 12/13/23

No class on Wed. Nov. 22nd



In this chess program students will practice learning with games against their peers, have a focused lesson and play fun variant chess games. In advanced classes, a simulated tournament will be organized. Any skill level is welcome.




Grades 3-5;

Free Class sponsored by Clara Barton PTSA

Day and dates Fri 8:10 - 9:10 AM, Starts 9/22- ends May/17


Join the bobcat choir and sing with your friends every Friday morning. We will learn new music and songs, improve our singing technique, and have fun singing as an ensemble. Choir is a free enrichment program sponsored by the PTSA, is open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students at Clara Barton, and is taught by music teacher Mrs. Torrey.


Concert Dates: December and May, TBD 



Art by CreART



Grades K-5;

Fees  $270 for 10 classes; Material Included.

Day and dates Friday 3:55 – 4:55 PM, Starts 9/22- 12/15




Discover the beauty of fall through acorn pencil sketches and clay pumpkins. Immerse yourself in Aboriginal dot art and find inspiration in Van Gogh's vibrant strokes. Channel your inner Andy Warhol as you create eye-catching collages. Experience the power of collaboration in our group art activity, where teamwork creates wonders. Step into the future with robots, craft intricate straw sculptures, and uncover hidden surprises with scratch art. Don't miss out on this unforgettable artistic journey. Join us today!