Check your LWSD Volunteer status

All Lake Washington School District volunteers must be approved by the district. Here are a few tips and reminders about the volunteer application process:

  • Volunteer applications are processed via the Raptor system and are good for two years.
  • Volunteers who are approved can log into their Raptor Volunteer Portal to check the expiration date of their volunteer application. Volunteers can also contact Volunteer Program Supervisor Chris Robison ( to check on volunteer status.
  • Reminder emails are sent 30 days before an application is due to expire.

PTSA partners with local organizations to recognize student grit

Clara Barton Elementary PTSA, in partnership with local businesses and organizations, recognized student perseverance throughout the 2020-21 school year with Grit Goodie Bags. With the help of 20+ volunteers and priceless volunteer hours, 588 bags were assembled and distributed to students. PTSA would like to thank its members and these 17 partners for coming together to support students with their generous donations.

Jay Lippe, PTSA Fundraising VP & Nomita Yadav, PTSA Extended Curriculum

Clara Barton PTSA Awards announced

Clara Barton Bobcat graphic image of bobcat celebrating with a pendant flag and confetti. Bobcat is wearing a Clara Barton t-shirt and ball cap

Clara Barton Elementary PTSA appreciates the Educators, Parents, Volunteers, and Students from our community, that during an extraordinary school year, used their powerful voice, provided relevant resources, and were strong advocates for the well-being and education of all children. We’d like to recognize those who have helped find unique ways to enrich student lives and also celebrate our students’ perseverance and grit.

Cami Miller, PTSA VP of Events/Awards Committee Member

Bobcat Legacy Award

PTSA recognizes these volunteers for their legacy of exceptional service while at Clara Barton Elementary. They will be missed!

  • Lisa Brand, School Pool Chair, Room Parent
  • Mark Cunningham, School Event DJ
  • Kifah & Osama Hamdan, First Day Coffee Chairs, Room Parent, Family Events Volunteer
  • Cathey Hettinger, Spirit Wear Chair, Staff Appreciation Events, 5th-Grade Graduation Committee
  • Sonoko Kambara, International Night Co-Chair, Room Parent
  • Sujeet Kharkar, Reflections Chair
  • Neelam Ladhani, Math Challenge Co-Chair, Art Docent, Room Parent, International Night Co-Chair
  • Jay Lippe, Founding PTSA Member, PTSA Board Member, Fundraising VP, Events VP, Spirit Wear Chair, Room Parent, Art Docent, Family Events Volunteer, Math Night Co-Chair
  • Joyce Leon, Special Education Co-Chair, STEAM Night Co-Chair
  • Olga Marochko, Family Events Volunteer, School Pool Volunteer, Art Docent, Room Parent
  • Zhanlu Wang, Math Competition Chair
  • Nomita Yadav, PTSA Board Member, VP of Extended Curriculum, Vision & Hearing Screening Chair, Room Parent, Art Docent, Pacific Science Center Van Chair, Math Night Co-Chair

Bronze Bobcat Awards

The Bronze Bobcat Volunteer Award recognizes exemplary volunteers for their time and dedication serving Clara Barton Elementary students, educators, and the community.

  • Romina Coronel, Yearbook Co-Chair, Room Parent, Translator
  • Taunya Covington, PTSA Board Member, Communications VP, Newsletter Chair, Co-Webmaster, Lake Washington Schools Foundation Ambassador
  • Amber Dattoli, Founding PTSA Member, PTSA Board Member, Volunteers VP, Egg Drop Chair, Art Docent, Room Parent, Family Events Volunteer, Special Needs Co-Chair
  • Sangeetha Jagadeesan, Passport Club Chair, Spelling Bee Chair, Room Parent
  • Renu Kushwaha, PTSA Board Member, Volunteers VP
  • Jaya Nigam, Spelling Bee Chair, Tears & Cheers Event Chair, Room Parent, Vision & Hearing Screening Volunteer
  • Jenn Nitta, Reader Board Chair, Nature Vision Chair, Classroom Volunteer, School Events Volunteer
  • Virginia Rameriz, LWSD Advocate/Interpreter for Latino Community
  • Myla Rugge, Pantry Packs Coordinator, Family Events Volunteer, Classroom Volunteer
  • Poornima Shankar, Math Challenge Co-Chair, Art Docent Co-Chair, Art Docent
  • Xin Sun, PTSA Board Member, Treasurer
  • Ashwini Suresh, Spelling Bee Co-Chair, Room Parent, Vision & Hearing Screening Volunteer
  • Xue Tian, PTSA Board Member, Treasurer, Room Parent, Art Docent, Family Events volunteer, Vision & Hearing Screening Volunteer

The Bronze Bobcat Educator Award recognizes exemplary educators for their contributions in the classroom and beyond. These individuals were nominated by peers and members of the Clara Barton community.

  • Libby Bruner, Kindergarten
  • Louisa Case, Instructional Assistant, Lunchroom Cashier
  • Claire Garrels, Learning Center teacher
  • Ismael Palongyas, Learning Center
  • Haley Redmon, 2nd/4th-Grade
    Brianna Seay, 1st-Grade
  • Amy Waldroup, Librarian

WSPTA Outstanding Educator Award

The WSPTA Outstanding Educator Award is presented to an individual who has exhibited continued and dedicated contributions and efforts to enhance the educational outcomes of all children. Associate Principal Marianne Williams has shined bright this school year working tirelessly as our school’s COVID-19 Supervisor. She ensures our building is a safe place for in-person learning, while continuing to support students learning remotely. Her passion for building strong relationships shows as she serves as a resource for all school staff. Her commitment to student success is manifest daily, and she partners with community resources to ensure families have the support they need. Working with the school’s Social Emotional Learning Team, she helps create equity-based responses to student needs. Her cheerful patience and dedication to keep our students safe and supported has been invaluable this year. Congratulations, Mrs. Williams!

WSPTA Golden Acorn Award

The WSPTA Golden Acorn Award is a prestigious Washington State PTA award given out by local PTAs/PTSAs for exemplary and outstanding volunteerism and service to PTA. Congratulations, Nomita Yadav! She will be missed at Clara Barton as her student moves on to middle school. While serving as a PTSA Board Member, Nomita has overseen programs that enhance student education including Art Docent, Spelling Bee, and Math Challenge. She helped bring to our school the theater program, Vision & Hearing Screenings and The Pacific Science Center Van. She enjoyed volunteering as an Art Docent and with class events. She secured donations from businesses to celebrate student perseverance and grit during this unusual year. Her passion for contributing to our school community is contagious and she motivates and inspires others around her to become involved.

Thank you PTSA volunteer Jenn Nitta

PTSA’s June volunteer of the month is Jenn Nitta. Jenn updates the readerboard and keeps the community up to date on news and often includes positive messages. Jenn loves to volunteer in the classrooms and has lead small groups in math and reading and she is known to happily lend a hand during Picture Day, Hearing & Vision Screening, Egg Drop Day, and the Fun Run. She recently volunteered as Nature Vision Chair. Outside CBE, Jenn loves to stay active. Some of her favorite activities include coaching soccer, paddle boarding, walking her puppy, and experimenting with new fitness classes. Jenn has two boys in the first and third grades at CBE. Thank you, Jenn!

PTSA thanks volunteer Ashwini Suresh

Congratulations, Ashwini Suresh, the May PTSA Volunteer Spotlight! Ashwini was nominated for her contribution as Spelling Bee Co-Chair. She has also volunteered as a Parent Helper and a Hearing & Vision Screening volunteer. Outside of CBE, Ashwini enjoys cooking, reading, and teaching. She has a 1st grade student at CBE. CBE PTSA is grateful to have dedicated volunteers like Ashwini. Thank you, Ashwini, for making this year’s Spelling Bee A-W-E-S-O-M-E for students!

Have you seen a staff member going above and beyond this school year? Know a volunteer who’s always there keeping our PTSA programs running remotely? Help us shine a light on these hardworking individuals by nominating them for a PTSA Award! The following awards will be presented at the Clara Barton End of Year Assembly:

Golden Acorn Award
-Outstanding Educator Award
-Bronze Bobcat Award
-Bobcat Legacy Award

Submit the PTSA Awards Nomination Form by Friday, May 21 and help us recognize amazing volunteers and staff. Questions? Contact PTSA Events VP Cami Miller at

PTSA thanks volunteer Jaya Nigam

Photograph of Jaya and her second grade daughter

Congratulations to Jaya Nigam, the April PTSA Volunteer Spotlight! Jaya was nominated for her contribution as Spelling Bee Co-Chair. This is Jaya’s second school year working to make Spelling Bee an important and awesome program a S-U-C-C-E-S-S. Jaya has also volunteered her time to chair Kindergarten Tears & Cheers Coffee and assisted with Hearing & Vision Screening. She also takes on other opportunities like preparing the First Day of School envelopes. Outside of CBE, she enjoys outdoor activities with family, playing with her dogs, and gardening. She has a 2nd-grade student at CBE. The CBE PTSA is grateful to have dedicated volunteers like Jaya. Thank you, Jaya!

If you’d like to nominate a PTSA member to be spotlighted, complete the form here or contact the PTSA Volunteer Database Chair, Amanda Papaefstathiou at


PTSA thanks volunteer Natalie Chavez

Photograph of Natalie Chavez with her two elementary students in a pumpkin patch

Congratulations to Natalie Chavez, the March PTSA Volunteer Spotlight! Natalie was nominated for her contributions to the Clara Barton Community. She is the PTSA VP of Advocacy and Art Docent Chair. Previously, Natalie has volunteered as a Room Parent and Learning Center Helper, and has assisted with Pantry Pack distribution. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys crafting, hiking, and taking pictures with her family. Her CBE students are in 1st grade at The Learning Center and in 2nd grade. Thank you, Natalie, for your time and dedication. We are grateful to have you as a volunteer!

If you’d like to nominate a member of our community to be spotlighted, complete the form below or contact the PTSA Volunteer DB Chair, Amanda Papaefstathiou at

Accepting nominations for 2021-22 board, chair positions

Graphic image of conversation bubbles with text, "We Need You"

We need your help as an active member of our PTSA leadership to make Clara Barton better. Self-nominate (or nominate someone you feel is a great fit) for our PTSA leadership team as a board member or chair. Click the link below and complete the Nomination Form. Nominations are due March 10.

For more information about the positions and their responsibilities, click here or contact the PTSA Nominating Committee member, Cami Miller.

Volunteer sign-up for K-1 Return to School morning drop-off

With additional safety needs and the Kindergarten students that have never been to CBE, we are in need of parent volunteers to help in the mornings to ensure a smooth start. Duties would be to remain outside, helping with ushering students. Volunteers are needed from 9:00-9:30 AM M, Tu, Th, F beginning February 18. Sign up for multiple dates!

For more information about volunteering and to sign up, click PToffice – Volunteers for K-1 Morning Drop-Offs.