Sign Up for Math is Cool Contests

Sign up until 02/11/2022 – $50 per team!

Math is Cool is the primary math contests for 4th and 5th graders in Washington State. If you wish to participate, please sign up at by 02/11/2022. Note, 3rd graders can sign up, but spaces (32 students per grade) will go to 4th and 5th graders first.

In Math is Cool, students compete in teams.  Each team should have 4 students (3 is okay if there are not enough students). You are encouraged to organize your own team.  If you don’t have a team, we will help put your student into a team. If Barton is invited to participate in the Masters round, the top 4 individual scorers will be selected to represent the school.

Math is Cool offers in-person and online contests this year.  The in-person contests are currently scheduled to be held at Liberty High School in Renton on March 4th for 5th grade and March 11th for 4th grade.  However, it is tentative and may be canceled due to COVID.  The online contests are scheduled to be held on March 23rd for 5th grade and March 30th for 4th grade.  However, online contests would require a team parent to host it in their own house.

We plan to collect registration fees when the contests are confirmed ($50 per team).  Questions? Please contact Weidong Cui at .