2021-22 Kindergarten registration

Kindergarten registration is coming. The initial registration period for children who will be five years old on or before August 31 begins February 18 and extends through March 1. Registration is online. All necessary documents can be accessed on the LWSD website and completed documents can be uploaded securely. Parents who are unable to upload documents may send them to the school by U.S. Mail or contact the school to arrange a safe drop off.

Important: While K-12 student registration will continue throughout the school year and summer, parents are highly encouraged to register students early. Doing so helps LWSD to ensure that class sizes are balanced and adequate staff are hired in time for the new school year.

Also, applications on-line for 2021-22 will not be approved if done before February 18, 2021.  It is very important to understand if any applications are sent before the date indicated, it will result in a DENY of the application and will require you to complete the registration again.

For questions or information, contact Jamie Johnson, Registrar Secretary, jjohnson@lwsd.org, 425-936-2480